The craftsmen's gallery Point in Kõszeg was widened by a guesthouse. It's in the same building that also stood there, when Miklós Jurisich and his brave soldiers fought against the Turkish in 1532.
From the window you can see the beautiful centre of the city, it's historic buildings, the Hõsök - Tower, and the entrance of the castle.
The rooms are equipped with antique furniture, just like the city's past and milieu is, but it also meets the modern claims.
There are also bio-beds with coco-latex mattress, which serve the guest's relaxing and comfort.
In the guesthouse, there is an apartment and five guestrooms. A bathroom and a toilet belong to every room, in the apartment there is a bedroom, a bathroom and an office.
Our services will be expanded by a sauna.
You can park in front of the building; the bikes and other sports equipment are stored inside.
We also undertake babysitting and program-organizing in Hungary and also in the near Austrian villages with tourist-guiding.